Wednesday, February 27, 2008

2007to those who disbelieve creation

the creationist views of christians are not in accordance with islam. ppl associate creationism with islam chrisitanity and judaism with the same brush. but what the cristians believe in creationism is very different from what we muslims believe. remember its the christian
and jewish scripture that fixed the age of humans somewhere in 6000 back. but islam does not sanction this bad mathematics. also one of the attributes of god (Allah swt)is the Evolver. so god evolves his creation. we muslims have no fight over this. but we cant be choosy and pick hatever that agrees with our beliefs from the holy quruan and still say we are muslims and
yet reject what we belive is beyond belief from the holy quruan. so when god says in holy quruan that he created Adam (alaihi salaathu wa salaam) in the heaven and made him to descend to earth then we have to believe it. because so says quruan and quruan cannot be subjected to
our little litmus tests. this is assuming we (may i consider including your name Jaa?) are
muslims. however if someone has left the fold of islam then i have nothing to say to such a person.another point we may have to think seriously is about that there are somethings which just aren't or cant be or things which are not possible... we just cannot make believe that everything is possible. surely there are somethings which are not possible. or which cannot be possible! however advanced we become of science or whateever there will always be limits to our understanding of various phenomenae etc... hence one such area we shall not waste our efforts is to apply what little of instruments we have of science and apply it to take the 'measurement of god'. because the god we understand in islam is not the same god they are talking about
in christianity. the god they are talking in christianity is like a big grand father in the sky who has blue eyes and white overgrown beard... with a little innnocent kid and no mother... etc etc.. a
very complicated picture they created themselves. in islam we are talking about Allah. the most high. that which has no beyond. the highest of the descriptions! ...another point is that when we
are using the works of great scientists to support our claim or to belittle anothers argument, we
attribute a certainity and authority to that work which is like a truth which cannot be challenged.. like gospel truth. remember there is no perfect circle that can be drawn. same goes to the many great scientific works by the humanity and they.... ETC....

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