Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ok here is the deal..

Hey friends.. Pls spare a thought to future. Think like this..
Just imagine this..
You work in an office busy all day… hectic life
Just out of the blue your boss informs you he wants to give you a paid leave of 2 months with bonuses and everything. Ticket and holiday expnses also included for family for a trip to Thailand or wherever.  Not that boss is thinking of closing shop and making you redundant but just he is impressed with your work and wants to give you a gift. Now, 2 months paid leave in addition to annual leave is good right? Plus ticket and holiday expenses abroad… better than right dho? Who will not want such a treat? None i guess..
Now there is an even better offer than that you know? yeah there is.. The offer is like this..
be a good Muslim…
pray 5 times daily.. (each prayer <=5mins : so 5minX5=4000rf in your account… of this also 2.5%
Make fasting annually for only 30 days… (Think of all those who are dying of hunger in cities across the world…) So this fasting is like being in solidarity with the wold’s poor.. Only that we get so much ajr for this…
Go to hajj once in a life time… (but that’s also if you can afford it. Not compulsory)..
For doing simple things like these, god gives a long long long loooooooooooooooong holiday in a “garden” called paradise… the holiday never ends and you live in bliss forever… with loved ones and never having to bear any loss or experience any grievance..
Is this not a better deal?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Death penalty for rapists

We call on the government of Maldives to institute death penalty for Foa Mulah rapists who abducted a married couple and raped the woman while her husband is bound to a tree nearby. Such cruel sadistic actions has no place in our society and these crimes along with the criminals shall not have the right to life. Not that our calling for such action will have the government listening but at least this is the view of one outraged fellow dhivehi person who will not accept such barbarity in our peaceful country.

For evil to happen all that is necessary is for good people to be silent and this seems to be happening here. There is surprisingly no sense of outrage at this crime and no demos or banners were raised. Not that anybody needs mob justice in Foa Mulah but at least there shall not be silence on this matter. Those in positions of power who used common people's goodwill to come to those posts shall make sure that justice is served. If we let every such crime pass silently by without registering disapproval or protest, then pretty soon we will have a situation like in Mexico where gangs and drugs rule.

Monday, January 18, 2010

We Shall Never Forget that .......: “Why 19? Why not another number”?

We Shall Never Forget that .......: “Why 19? Why not another number”?

pls do not quote anything from This is a cult created by a kaafir called Rashaad Khalifa. No true islamic teaching in this site. but otherwise very beautiful site. Lots of muslims fall on to this trap of number miracles in holy quruan he propagated. Not that there aren't miracles in Quruan but this Rashaad Khalifa at last claimed he was a nabi of Allah to whom was revealed the secrets of Quruan. Nauoozubillahi.