Saturday, July 18, 2009

There was a small demo in artificial beach...

There indeed was a small demonstration in artificial beach yesterday but no media seems to report this yet. It was about some govt big ppl namely Shaheed, Farahanaaz, Zuheir, Eva these ppl calling for abolishing hudhoodh..

some points that came to mind were...

  1. Just calling for some ppls isthiufa doesn't do the job. we have to mobilize the media. We have to be more result oriented. Israel is a very small country but they control the USA... largely through media of course. Those of us who can write shall write, those who can engage the tv shall do so, and if we can afford we shall hire the "25" and come on air and expose these ppl for the massess. And those of us who cannot do this shall help those who can..
  2. Fewer number of ppl - everybody lamented about it but it shall be no problem. Its always minority which leads the majority..
  3. In such functions and occasions those who can talk and talk well shall be given more of a say than trying to appease every amateur orator.
  4. we shall be more interconnected.. means something like our mosques shall organize events to practice oratory skills, and things like brainstorming sessions to tackle issues as well as active work to make our work more coherent. Currently mosques are not used for any social function like these. the closest that gets is the salaam kurun after every prayer by like minded ppl say in Ibraaheemee Miskiy.
  5. About this girl who is said to have fainted while being flogged one lady who spoke on the stage gave more info about her. Apparently she was given that punishiment after being found guilty of adultery a second time. The lady asked a poignant question. "Was she sleeping through all these adulteries"? Now that's a fair question i dare say... The point is the opposition (the kuffar) always overlooks the faults and tries to find fault with Islam. So for them the girl (or better adulteress) was pristine while hudhoodh is criminalized. We have to expose this double standard.
  6. The use of "Allah Akbar" as a chant after and inbetween speaches to emphasize agreement or when a special point have been made shall given a little bit of thought. This is a kalima that shall not be uttered mindlessly. The name of Allah(swt) shall not be taken lightly. Also the kuffar has made utterance of this kalima in rallying expressions synonymous with terrorism and we shall not give in to their stereotyping. We shall use the kalima but we shall teach the weight of the kalima to the ppl.
  7. "Minivan Noos" or any noos for that matter shall not be banned. Its not the "noos" that's at fault but those who wrote in it and those who edit it and those who publish it.
  8. That Miriam Omidi also shall not be deported. Rather we shall ask (or rather demand) that she be tried in our courts for insulting Islam amongst other things.
  9. In Iran they do many things good such as their insistence that the visiting human beings to their country abide by their laws. This makes the ladies wear the veil regardless of their faith while in Iran. We are also a country and we can ask thos who reside in our country and write against our religion to be atleast respectful of our religion. That's only fair.

Monday, February 2, 2009

To the Israeli Soldier

We will die on our feet. But we will not live on our knees. You know how to kill, but we know how to die.

By: Mirza Yawar Baig

Listen and listen well

O! One who could have been our brother

For we are one people, whether you like it or not

You are a Semite, A son of Israeel (Isaac)

I am a Semite, A son of Ismaeel (Ishmael)

Our father, the father of both you and I

Is Ibrahim (Abraham)

Or are you one who will even deny his own father?

Listen and listen well

O! One who could have been our brother

We will die on our feet

But we will not live on our knees.

You know how to kill, But we know how to die

Hitler gassed 6 million of you, But he could not kill your spirit

Those who died only made stronger, those who remained alive

Why then do you imagine; that if you become Hitlers

The results of your 'gassing'

Would be any different?

Listen and listen well

O! One who could have been our brother

Just as others silently watched you going into the gas chambers

Others silently watch us burying our children, the children that you continue to kill

But we remind ourselves

That the blow that does not break the back, only strengthens you.

So O! You who used to be the People of Musa (Moses),

But today you have become people of the Firawn (Pharaoh)

Remember we are the real people of Moses, for we believe in his message; not you

Remember that when the fight is between Moses and Pharaoh

Moses always wins.

We say to the silent watchers, the cowards,

We say to those who sit securely in their homes

We are the frontline who are holding back the enemy

When we fall, it will be your turn.

Remember O! Arabs

The story of the White Bull (Al Thawr il Abyadh)

Who said to the world when the tiger finally came for him

Listen O! People, I do not die today,

I died when the Black Bull died.

Listen and listen well

O! One who could have been our brother

We did not come into this world to live here forever

Neither did you

One day we will all go from here

Whether we like it or not

What is important my brother, son of Israeel

Sons of a Prophet, O! What have you become today?

What have you allowed them to make you?

Kill us, if that is what you want to do

At least we die at the hands of our own brothers

And not at the hands of strangers

Listen and listen well

O! One who could have been our brother

We laugh as we see your Apache helicopters and F-16 jets fly overhead

We laugh because we can smell your fear

Why else do you need Apaches and F-16s to fight children with rocks?

A battle of honor is between equals

We challenge you, you who have sold your honor

Come to us as equals; so that we can show you how to die with honor

We laugh at you because we know, that not in a million years

Will one of you ever have the guts to stand up to one of our children

Without hiding behind an array of weapons that the American tax payer gives you

We laugh at you, because that is what every warrior does

When he faces an army of cowards.

Listen and listen well

O! One who could have been our brother

It is not whether we live or die that is important

It is how we live and how we die

Ask yourself: How would you like to be remembered?

Without respect, despised and accursed through the centuries,

Or blessed, honored, your passing mourned.

Allah is our witness: We lived with honor; begging for no favors

And He is our witness: That today we die with honor; on our feet

Fighting until the last breath leaves our body; even if all we have in our hands are stones

He is the witness over us both

As you kill us and as we die

And to Him is our return

Listen and listen well

O! One who could have been our brother

On that Day, my little baby who you killed last night

Will ask Him for what crime she was murdered

Prepare your answer, O! One who could have been our brother

For you will answer to Him

I swear by His Power: You will answer to Him

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rumsfeld to stand trial for war crimes?

A UN official says there is enough evidence that former US defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld could be brought to justice for war crimes.

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture Manfred Nowak in an interview on Monday told CNN that the international body had enough evidence to prosecute Rumsfeld for his direct authorization of tortures at US detention centers in 2002.

"We have clear evidence," Nowak said. "In our report that we sent to the United Nations, we made it clear that former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld clearly authorized torture methods and he was told at that time by Alberto Mora, the legal council of the Navy, 'Mr. Secretary, what you are actually ordering here amounts to torture.' So, there we have the clear evidence that Mr. Rumsfeld knew what he was doing but, nevertheless, he ordered torture."

The UN torture official earlier in an interview with Germany's ZDF television had said that "I think the evidence is on the table."

Nowak said that the United States had an "obligation" to probe former President George Bush's Administration for their involvement in torture.

A bipartisan Senate survey last month revealed that Rumsfeld and other high-ranking administration officials were responsible for detainee abuse at Guantanamo Bay Prison.

The Los Angeles Times said on December 12, 2008 that the report directed its most pointed criticism at Rumsfeld's decision in December 2002 to authorize the use of harsh interrogation techniques at the Guantanamo Bay facility. The report described Rumsfeld's directive as "a direct cause for detainee abuse" at Guantanamo and concluded that it "influenced and contributed to the use of abusive techniques, including military working dogs, forced nudity and stress positions, in Afghanistan and Iraq."

The coercive measures were based on a document signed by Bush in February, 2002.

Former Pakistani Guantanamo Bay prisoner, Mohammad Saad in Lahore
US new President Barack Obama has ordered for the notorious US facility at Guantanamo to be shut down. But the so-called "enhanced interrogation techniques" have already destroyed the lives of many who had kept for years at US prisons worldwide without even charges.

"It's too painful, it's too deep, it's too dark and fills me with sadness... They did everything they could to destroy me when I was completely innocent," says former US detainee Mohammad Saad describing six years of humiliation, interrogation and ill-treatment under US orders in Egypt, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Israeli Attacks on Gaza: Both Reckless and Failed

One single, solitary thing will be noted to Ehud Barak’s credit: in contrast to many others, he did not dub the bullying rage of the Israeli army in Gaza as a “war”, but made due with the term “operation”.

War is a concept that immediately results in the orgasm of numerous Israelis, particularly journalists. We are stuffed to the point of vomiting from the voices, trembling from unrestrained satisfaction, of broadcasters and field reporters of Israeli channels 2 and 10 as they describe how “our forces have just now entered…” and “the air force successfully completed its mission, and our planes returned safely to their bases(!)” and “in an heroic battle above the skies of Gaza, our planes skillfully dodged the Palestinian anti-aircraft defence and our air force defeated the Palestinian air force, excuse me, the Hamas air force! Just like the RAF in the skies of London in 1940! There is also nothing to brag about in the ground operation: thousands of soldiers and hundreds of tanks succeeded in breaking through enemy lines in the city of Gaza! And to the generals and regiment commanders who are preening like peacocks and bragging about their success, I want to say one thing: if for you Gaza is a test of success in war, then what will happen in a real war, one in front of another, tank in front of tank, regiment in front of regiment? You are practicing on women and children and think that this way you will know how to fight against a true army?

I remember that during the Intifada we used to ridicule soldiers who bullied children, and we said to them that in a real battle, against real soldiers, they will not know what to do as they practiced on defenceless civilians. And indeed, the second Lebanon war came and they were defeated – and not by a professional army but a militia of several thousand brave fighters, substantially inferior in regards to equipment and means of combat.

Tzipi Livni and Ehud Barak are bragging about “achieving all the goals of the operation”. Really? Rockets continue to fall on Israel’s southern cities and the shooting can begin again the minute Hamas concludes that the ceasefire is working against it. The smuggling of arms into Gaza continues and will continue, and no amount of American experts will be of help. Hamas is weakened? The organization did suffer harsh losses, particularly of officers who acted, to the surprise of the commentators-experts, in “another” way, but its popularity grew. Not only in the Gaza Strip, but also in the West Bank, the Arab world and the world in general. Moreover, Hamas essentially became, through the negotiations over a ceasefire, a dialogue partner of Israel, and even the United States is no longer concealing that it is conducting ongoing contacts with the organization!

To etch in the consciousness” is the goal of every colonial operation and this time also, as in Operation Defensive Shield, the Israeli strategists wanted to etch in the Palestinian consciousness. According to reports this goal was also not achieved, as the Gazans refuse to bow their heads even when thousands of tonnes of cast lead, with an addition of white phosphorous, falls on them.

And another goal: to bring Abu Mazen back to Gaza. They should try! And if the Israeli leaders are cynical, and behind the words of affection and love for Mahmoud Abbas there lurked a hidden intention to get him out of the way, they would not have acted differently. However, they are not cynical (in this context) and they believed, with typical colonial arrogance, that the operation would return the rule of the beloved chairperson over the Gaza Strip. Another failure: apart from Ramallah, there is doubt that after his collaboration with those who slaughtered members of his people in Gaza, Abu Mazen could walk through any Palestinian city without hundreds of police trained by General Dayton: Operation Cast Lead removed the crumbs of popular legitimacy that he still had. By the way, according to the Palestinian constitution, the temporary chairperson, until the elections, is the deputy chairperson of the legislative council, who is a Hamas member. Abu Mazen has no legitimacy apart from that given by the occupation government and the global colonial powers. With great trepidation and following long deliberations I write “collaboration”, but there comes a time when it must be called for what it is.

Mahmoud Abbas finished his career, Hamas strengthened its popularity amongst its people: what a success! If we add the image of Israel in the eyes of the world as a bully state in which, as the Foreign Minister admitted, “the landlord went crazy”, the hatred in every home in the Arab world, from Iraq to Morocco, what can Israeli leaders mark to their credit? Not even an electoral achievement, as in a discourse that is all brutality and bullying, Liberman and Netanyahu are those who will take all. A real success.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Report: The IOF troops executed many detained civilians during its war on Gaza

The Palestinian center for the defense of prisoners on Saturday revealed that the IOF troops kidnapped during their aggression on the Gaza Strip about 300 Palestinian civilians, some of them were executed by gunfire or tank shells.

In a statement received by the PIC, the center explained that the IOF troops, during the war on Gaza, used a number of Palestinian citizens as human shields to protect themselves from Palestinian gunfire in blatant violation of all international norms and conventions.

Different Palestinian eyewitnesses told the center that the IOF troops executed prisoners individually and collectively.

The eyewitnesses reported that the IOF troops executed children and women individually when asking them to come out one by one from their homes, adding that in some cases, the IOF troops put a number of Palestinian citizens in one house and then shelled or opened fire extensively on that house.

According to the eyewitnesses the IOF troops also detained Palestinians in a house and then ordered Israeli bulldozers to raze it to the ground over the detained citizens.

These testimonies proved that the IOF troops committed organized war crimes against civilians during their aggression on Gaza.

The center appealed to all concerned institutions around the world to pool their efforts in order to bring Israeli leaders and soldiers responsible for these crimes to justice.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The uncivilized Israelis..

Imagine the child in the picture is yours and the parents you and your wife. Let the small boy who is being snatched by the Israeli soldier on a military vehicle. The crime of the boy is throwing a stone at the separation wall or the apartheid wall they have built around Palestinian territories. Now whence is throwing a stone at a wall considered a crime and where was this a crime except in this fascist terrorist state they call Israel? Is there no limit to cruelty and barbarity? Is it not time that the world learns about this uncivilized terrorist state and learns to loath them. Loath them not for what they are but for what they do. Loath no human being for what he is but for what they do.

Be offended and outraged...
be courageous and speak on behalf of the right.
Sympathize with the little boy in the pic and imagine the grief of his parents. Just think how low have they gone arresting toddlers and killing babies...

Be ANGRY for this crime against humanity...

and you will not be able to do justice in your anger for their crimes..

Monday, January 19, 2009

The biggest crime against humanity..

...Is israel. Words shall fail describing the enormity of this crime and the world has not forgotten it. Years on the world will remember a darker chapter of world history created at the behest of terror minded interests and supported by selfish self interests and inaction of the good. For evil to flourish what is required is for good to be silent.