Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The jaahils prevailed.

Today our so called people's majlis has passed another worthless piece of law by which they will stand to lose much in the sharia of Allah(swt) in the day of judgment. Unknowingly and unwittingly they are playing in to the hands of the shaithaan who amused them with worldly pomp and glitter of power and politics and they have thwarted the hopes of suffering Muslims between whose dua and Allah(azz wa jall) there is no barrier.

They have prevailed in preventing fellow Muslim brothers who are suffering in the hands of the kuffar in the notorious American jail at Guantanamo Bay. Those who did this have no honour to their name and in the sight of Allah and believers they could be much more worthless than the people of the book who are freeing them and allowing them to live in their lands. We the so called Islamic country of Maldives have appointed to offices of importance jaahils of first order who know not how deprived they are of themselves. May Allah destroy them and substitute for us better leaders in their place. Ameen

Even  though the common people might not know of their contempt of Islam, we the common people will also be questioned as to why we followed our leaders unwittingly. Islam is not a religion of ignorance. In Islam we follow not blindly but with knowledge. Now for all those who love and adore these kuffars who voted to persecute Muslims, there is this one message. On the day of resurrection, you will be resurrected with the ones you loved and followed.

Monday, May 24, 2010

In the time of Sahaaba

Life was simple. Basically that was what characterized the life of the best after the anbiyaa of Allah at their time.
  • The halaal was easier than the haraam, which is vice-versa now. For example it was easier to marry or to divorce than to do the same thing unlawfully. Now we have put so much red tape and bureaucracy around these issues, its virtually impossible for a man or a woman to come of age without falling in to a sin of this sort. Shaithaan has instilled this idea that a big deal out of these issues shall be made so that nobody enjoys what is their right by fithra  and the religion of Allah subuhaanahu wathaaalaa. So now it is either:
    • preposterious pre-mairtal agreements
    • pre-marriage counseling
    • blood testing and various other medical tests
    • extravagent waleemaas
    • consent of the wife to marry the second wife
    • reducing the age of consent to a numerical function despite it being a biological function
and basically anything that either delays or prevents marriage and puts forward some form of hindrance to the blessed union. This is despite his (shaithaan's) other works which already sent the people out of their aura and confused them in hijaab so that nobody can escape unintended sights .....  On the other side, shaithaan also made it sure that nobody gets out of wedlock unscathed. However incompatible the husband and wife are, shaithaan made sure that they will have to suffer their misery by some more crafts.
  • The concept of slavery was also very different from the one we understand currently. Slavery at that time was not specifically against one ethnic group or race but rather there were conditions in which a free person  can be enslaved. These are: 
    1. falling in debt
    2. being a prisoner of war
The European and American enslavement of black people is a completely different thing which is not what was happening in Arabia. In the seerah of the holy prophet and  the sahaaba, we come across sahaaba like Salmaan the persian, Billal, the abyssinian, Zaid bin Haarisa the Arab etc.. so it was not a master race enslaving the others. Islam treated them all equal regardless of colour.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Let's welcome the Aseer's of Guantanmao Bay

Come whatever motive the president had for this decision to allow in 2 aseer's from the notorious American prison in Cuba, its a commendable action. However the opposition parties are playing politics with this issue like every other issue the government proposes and taking advantage of the ignorance of the public on matters like this. Here are some points to the story.

  1. The two men, one a palestinian and the other still of unknonw nationality has never been prosecuted or knonw to be involved in terrosit activity or violence. Infact they are quite like our own local prisoner Fauzee who was inprisoned in the same jail. They are all innocent and happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. However global media has played a role in smearing their name to convey guilt whenever the name of the prison and their incacertation are conjoined. The fact of the matter is they are innocent people who deserves freedom.
  2. The United States of America is not actually falling in debt because of expenses to house these men, but rather they have a problem of conscience as they want to be seen as the leaders of moral uprightness which is why they want to expel these prisoners. The American people has been poisoned by their media to reject their freedom to American soil which is why the US is trying to find other countries willing to take these prisoners in. However countries which has bad reputation of human records is not ideal places for  sending these prisoners because of the risk they be again released or their fate becoming unknown. The US does not want the countries who take back these prisoners either to release them or to harm them. Both actions will inflame the influential US media against the current administration.
  3. Frequent references are made to the hadhees of the holy prophet in which our beloved prophet mentions the similitude of muslims as the likeness of an organ in body which in solidarity with the whole body will keep it from sleep if one organ is hurt or cut. Now coming back to the issue at hand, are we worried about the personal worries of these prisoners? these are just normal people like everyone else who have been incarcerated at a foreign jail for years and yet when there is just an opportunity to get them released our shameless "politicians" are trying to defame their status and trying to block this good gesture. How can we call us muslims if we behave like this? Where is the sense of muslim charity? Is it even worse than christian charity? How come our hearts are meaner than them who are embracing these "eneiemies" with open hearts?
  4. Just as when the forces of evil are making a big fuss over a small good deed, our forces of good are mysteriously silent and lukewarm in their opposition to the "evil forces", one asks why? Is it not the case that evil flourishes when good men remain silent? Why then are not our scholars and aalims and aabids up in arms against DRP and Gaumee party for opposing this move? A lukewarm notice in the Adhaalath Party website says that its "ok" for prisoners to be released from Guantanamo Bay and be welcomed in Maldives. But is it OK only? Does it not go beyond a mere OK? Is it not binding on us to help Muslims one another wherever possible? Are we not supposed to be the ones Quruan mentions as they who despite their love for food feeds the miskeen, the yatheem and the aseer?
  5. The president Anni is accused by the opposition parties of recieving financial aid from the Americans for housing their two prisoners. But we ask, what's wrong with that? Americans  are certainly not unable to keep these prisoners for another 1000 years in their prisons. They can do so overwhelmingly. America despite its wayward policies is a rich country which is spoiled by the kuffar.
We ask Allah (azza wa jaal) to speed up the release of the muslims aseers of Guantanamao Bay and various other jails where they are inprisoned by kuffar and to guide islamic nations to piety and brotherhood and remove the enmity from their hearts.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What next? Ask israel to send rabbis to teach Quruan?

First they asked for Amina Wadood to lecture to Aminiyya school students on islam. Then they brought Proffessor Paul Robinson to translate our constitution. Now they are seeking help from Germans to interpret Islamic Sharia. One wonders what's gonna be next? Maybe ask Israel to send some rabbis to teach us holy Quruan?

For Anni the President these maybe just ways of cuddling up to EU for more funds in aids to the country but he aught to be sensitive the feelings of the country. It might be true that there maybe more Islamic scholars in Germany than in Maldives. But its equally true that Maldives is the envy of every 'real' Muslim scholar because this is one of the few countries in the world where the call to prayer resonates 5 times  in every island. For those of us who were born and bred here the azan may not be a moving or interesting call. But for those who live in countries which prohibit calling out azan aloud, the moment they hear azan in Male' they are moved to tears.

Our problem is not with existing laws of sharia, but the fact that we are not willing to abide by them.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An open letter to the kuffar..

Since the last sermon by Sheikh Ilyas on the topic of Paradise, there has been quite a lot of open letter writing by our local kuffars disputing everything the sheik said. Its only expected that kuffar will do just that as Shaithaan has beautified them such acts and prompt him to to do his work all too often.

Now this is not to say that whatever that a sheikh utters is true or credible. Sheikh's are also human beings who err and are limited by human weaknesses. This goes the same for sheikhs as well as the kuffar. The distinction is here on the issue of belief which for the kuffar is always blind faith whatever amount of evidence is available, whilst for those who are not confined in their vision to an inner small circle in their minds, belief is a vast field. There are many descriptions of  Paradise in holy Quruan we Muslims believe on the authority of Allah Swt. The descriptions are explained in ways which we humans can understand as there are no exact similitudes of what is contained in hereafter here in earth. Earth is in between of everything that is in hereafter and there is no likeness of bliss of paradise here on earth as there is  no equivalence of misery of hell here on earth. We are humans and our minds can cope with intelligence that has existing forms stored in our memory to translate and evaluate it for us. That is why in the descriptions of provisions of paradise Allah (swt) mentions names of fragrances and precious, pearls and  qualities like youth, beauty immortality etc. Because these are qualities and and things that are generally associated with the best that we see here in earth.

The kuffar's attempt to sully even these blessings Allah(swt) has promised to the believers are ludicrous and here are some examples.

“I am a bit concerned about the anatomical composition of those houris. I mean ambergris is, after all, a discharge from the digestive system of the sperm whale; musk is a substance that comes from a gland close to the anus of a male deer and camphor is used to embalm the dead”


In response to this firstly I have to say that I am not at all impressed by the kuffars assumed  clean and scientific outlook. These kuffars who despise so much what is symbolic to mean fragrant smell shall take a close look at the substance they excrete once or twice daily and take a hint from it. However clean or scientific we are, we cannot still escape the biological laws of Allah who created us in the first place. What Allah(swt) alludes is that that houri's are beautiful and fragrant creation He created in a special way. Now always appearing to be on the scientific side (as if they created science!) these kuffars shall tell me they would rather choose a  foul smelling dung-created  creature  for their earthly rewards. They shall have it no doubt  but not in paradise, but in fire.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Turkish girl 'buried alive' in family garden

"A Turkish teenager found dead in a hole next to her house was probably buried alive, a post-mortem examination has revealed.
Medine Memi, 16, was found in the hole in December. Large amounts of soil were in her lungs and stomach, according to a source who has seen the report.
Her father and grandfather have been arrested, but not charged.
So-called "honour killings" take place every year in Turkey despite government moves to stamp out the practice". ... read the rest of the article here at BBC site.

These abominable crimes happen not because of our religion, but because we have abandoned Islam. What the people in the story did was what Islam came to stop which was burying children alive. These so called 'honor killings' are not a modern invention and was infact quite an ancient custom. Islam forbade this practice and laid strict conditions to distinguish between open lewdness and the cases where the weak were taken advantage of. In these cases of honour killings, its probable that the girl was taken advantage of by a youth or that an innocent chat or banter was simply misinterpreted to be something larger than life and whatever the causes maybe people are simply not allowed to take law on their hands. The killers of this girl should be sent swiftly to their Maker to settle the dispute with the girl. Her killers were certainly guilty of circumventing justice and taking the life of a human being without due judicial process.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The logic of green switchover

The US has for years tried to undercut the Oil producing countries in the middle east with measures such as influencing regional politics through supporting corrupt kingdoms and fiefdoms, planting a rogue state (Israel) among them etc etc.. However the world's dependence on oil is still great and the experiment of installing and supporting the only real terrorist country costs the USA lots of moral high ground and now they (the US) want finally to do something about it. Under this new drive, the US and their allies will try to change world's existing infrastructure from fossil fuel to any other form. First they played with bio-fuels which inflated food prices as farmers across the US switched to bio-fuel plants abandoning traditional food crops. Since that meant a sudden unanticipated market jitters, they are now focusing on other avenues like solar, and wind and other alternative means. The thinking is that whatever form of energy the world is going to use, they want to be the suppliers of that energy not some middle east or Latin American country. So this green push will benefit everyone including us but will benefit US more than others because they will be the prime suppliers and we will be the consumers. Because however hard we try we cannot match them in these technologies like turbines, solar etc..

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ok here is the deal..

Hey friends.. Pls spare a thought to future. Think like this..
Just imagine this..
You work in an office busy all day… hectic life
Just out of the blue your boss informs you he wants to give you a paid leave of 2 months with bonuses and everything. Ticket and holiday expnses also included for family for a trip to Thailand or wherever.  Not that boss is thinking of closing shop and making you redundant but just he is impressed with your work and wants to give you a gift. Now, 2 months paid leave in addition to annual leave is good right? Plus ticket and holiday expenses abroad… better than right dho? Who will not want such a treat? None i guess..
Now there is an even better offer than that you know? yeah there is.. The offer is like this..
be a good Muslim…
pray 5 times daily.. (each prayer <=5mins : so 5minX5=4000rf in your account… of this also 2.5%
Make fasting annually for only 30 days… (Think of all those who are dying of hunger in cities across the world…) So this fasting is like being in solidarity with the wold’s poor.. Only that we get so much ajr for this…
Go to hajj once in a life time… (but that’s also if you can afford it. Not compulsory)..
For doing simple things like these, god gives a long long long loooooooooooooooong holiday in a “garden” called paradise… the holiday never ends and you live in bliss forever… with loved ones and never having to bear any loss or experience any grievance..
Is this not a better deal?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Death penalty for rapists

We call on the government of Maldives to institute death penalty for Foa Mulah rapists who abducted a married couple and raped the woman while her husband is bound to a tree nearby. Such cruel sadistic actions has no place in our society and these crimes along with the criminals shall not have the right to life. Not that our calling for such action will have the government listening but at least this is the view of one outraged fellow dhivehi person who will not accept such barbarity in our peaceful country.

For evil to happen all that is necessary is for good people to be silent and this seems to be happening here. There is surprisingly no sense of outrage at this crime and no demos or banners were raised. Not that anybody needs mob justice in Foa Mulah but at least there shall not be silence on this matter. Those in positions of power who used common people's goodwill to come to those posts shall make sure that justice is served. If we let every such crime pass silently by without registering disapproval or protest, then pretty soon we will have a situation like in Mexico where gangs and drugs rule.

Monday, January 18, 2010

We Shall Never Forget that .......: “Why 19? Why not another number”?

We Shall Never Forget that .......: “Why 19? Why not another number”?

pls do not quote anything from This is a cult created by a kaafir called Rashaad Khalifa. No true islamic teaching in this site. but otherwise very beautiful site. Lots of muslims fall on to this trap of number miracles in holy quruan he propagated. Not that there aren't miracles in Quruan but this Rashaad Khalifa at last claimed he was a nabi of Allah to whom was revealed the secrets of Quruan. Nauoozubillahi.