Saturday, July 18, 2009

There was a small demo in artificial beach...

There indeed was a small demonstration in artificial beach yesterday but no media seems to report this yet. It was about some govt big ppl namely Shaheed, Farahanaaz, Zuheir, Eva these ppl calling for abolishing hudhoodh..

some points that came to mind were...

  1. Just calling for some ppls isthiufa doesn't do the job. we have to mobilize the media. We have to be more result oriented. Israel is a very small country but they control the USA... largely through media of course. Those of us who can write shall write, those who can engage the tv shall do so, and if we can afford we shall hire the "25" and come on air and expose these ppl for the massess. And those of us who cannot do this shall help those who can..
  2. Fewer number of ppl - everybody lamented about it but it shall be no problem. Its always minority which leads the majority..
  3. In such functions and occasions those who can talk and talk well shall be given more of a say than trying to appease every amateur orator.
  4. we shall be more interconnected.. means something like our mosques shall organize events to practice oratory skills, and things like brainstorming sessions to tackle issues as well as active work to make our work more coherent. Currently mosques are not used for any social function like these. the closest that gets is the salaam kurun after every prayer by like minded ppl say in Ibraaheemee Miskiy.
  5. About this girl who is said to have fainted while being flogged one lady who spoke on the stage gave more info about her. Apparently she was given that punishiment after being found guilty of adultery a second time. The lady asked a poignant question. "Was she sleeping through all these adulteries"? Now that's a fair question i dare say... The point is the opposition (the kuffar) always overlooks the faults and tries to find fault with Islam. So for them the girl (or better adulteress) was pristine while hudhoodh is criminalized. We have to expose this double standard.
  6. The use of "Allah Akbar" as a chant after and inbetween speaches to emphasize agreement or when a special point have been made shall given a little bit of thought. This is a kalima that shall not be uttered mindlessly. The name of Allah(swt) shall not be taken lightly. Also the kuffar has made utterance of this kalima in rallying expressions synonymous with terrorism and we shall not give in to their stereotyping. We shall use the kalima but we shall teach the weight of the kalima to the ppl.
  7. "Minivan Noos" or any noos for that matter shall not be banned. Its not the "noos" that's at fault but those who wrote in it and those who edit it and those who publish it.
  8. That Miriam Omidi also shall not be deported. Rather we shall ask (or rather demand) that she be tried in our courts for insulting Islam amongst other things.
  9. In Iran they do many things good such as their insistence that the visiting human beings to their country abide by their laws. This makes the ladies wear the veil regardless of their faith while in Iran. We are also a country and we can ask thos who reside in our country and write against our religion to be atleast respectful of our religion. That's only fair.

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