Saturday, January 23, 2010

Death penalty for rapists

We call on the government of Maldives to institute death penalty for Foa Mulah rapists who abducted a married couple and raped the woman while her husband is bound to a tree nearby. Such cruel sadistic actions has no place in our society and these crimes along with the criminals shall not have the right to life. Not that our calling for such action will have the government listening but at least this is the view of one outraged fellow dhivehi person who will not accept such barbarity in our peaceful country.

For evil to happen all that is necessary is for good people to be silent and this seems to be happening here. There is surprisingly no sense of outrage at this crime and no demos or banners were raised. Not that anybody needs mob justice in Foa Mulah but at least there shall not be silence on this matter. Those in positions of power who used common people's goodwill to come to those posts shall make sure that justice is served. If we let every such crime pass silently by without registering disapproval or protest, then pretty soon we will have a situation like in Mexico where gangs and drugs rule.

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