Sunday, January 25, 2009

Report: The IOF troops executed many detained civilians during its war on Gaza

The Palestinian center for the defense of prisoners on Saturday revealed that the IOF troops kidnapped during their aggression on the Gaza Strip about 300 Palestinian civilians, some of them were executed by gunfire or tank shells.

In a statement received by the PIC, the center explained that the IOF troops, during the war on Gaza, used a number of Palestinian citizens as human shields to protect themselves from Palestinian gunfire in blatant violation of all international norms and conventions.

Different Palestinian eyewitnesses told the center that the IOF troops executed prisoners individually and collectively.

The eyewitnesses reported that the IOF troops executed children and women individually when asking them to come out one by one from their homes, adding that in some cases, the IOF troops put a number of Palestinian citizens in one house and then shelled or opened fire extensively on that house.

According to the eyewitnesses the IOF troops also detained Palestinians in a house and then ordered Israeli bulldozers to raze it to the ground over the detained citizens.

These testimonies proved that the IOF troops committed organized war crimes against civilians during their aggression on Gaza.

The center appealed to all concerned institutions around the world to pool their efforts in order to bring Israeli leaders and soldiers responsible for these crimes to justice.

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