Friday, January 23, 2009

The uncivilized Israelis..

Imagine the child in the picture is yours and the parents you and your wife. Let the small boy who is being snatched by the Israeli soldier on a military vehicle. The crime of the boy is throwing a stone at the separation wall or the apartheid wall they have built around Palestinian territories. Now whence is throwing a stone at a wall considered a crime and where was this a crime except in this fascist terrorist state they call Israel? Is there no limit to cruelty and barbarity? Is it not time that the world learns about this uncivilized terrorist state and learns to loath them. Loath them not for what they are but for what they do. Loath no human being for what he is but for what they do.

Be offended and outraged...
be courageous and speak on behalf of the right.
Sympathize with the little boy in the pic and imagine the grief of his parents. Just think how low have they gone arresting toddlers and killing babies...

Be ANGRY for this crime against humanity...

and you will not be able to do justice in your anger for their crimes..

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