Thursday, February 4, 2010

The logic of green switchover

The US has for years tried to undercut the Oil producing countries in the middle east with measures such as influencing regional politics through supporting corrupt kingdoms and fiefdoms, planting a rogue state (Israel) among them etc etc.. However the world's dependence on oil is still great and the experiment of installing and supporting the only real terrorist country costs the USA lots of moral high ground and now they (the US) want finally to do something about it. Under this new drive, the US and their allies will try to change world's existing infrastructure from fossil fuel to any other form. First they played with bio-fuels which inflated food prices as farmers across the US switched to bio-fuel plants abandoning traditional food crops. Since that meant a sudden unanticipated market jitters, they are now focusing on other avenues like solar, and wind and other alternative means. The thinking is that whatever form of energy the world is going to use, they want to be the suppliers of that energy not some middle east or Latin American country. So this green push will benefit everyone including us but will benefit US more than others because they will be the prime suppliers and we will be the consumers. Because however hard we try we cannot match them in these technologies like turbines, solar etc..

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