Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An open letter to the kuffar..

Since the last sermon by Sheikh Ilyas on the topic of Paradise, there has been quite a lot of open letter writing by our local kuffars disputing everything the sheik said. Its only expected that kuffar will do just that as Shaithaan has beautified them such acts and prompt him to to do his work all too often.

Now this is not to say that whatever that a sheikh utters is true or credible. Sheikh's are also human beings who err and are limited by human weaknesses. This goes the same for sheikhs as well as the kuffar. The distinction is here on the issue of belief which for the kuffar is always blind faith whatever amount of evidence is available, whilst for those who are not confined in their vision to an inner small circle in their minds, belief is a vast field. There are many descriptions of  Paradise in holy Quruan we Muslims believe on the authority of Allah Swt. The descriptions are explained in ways which we humans can understand as there are no exact similitudes of what is contained in hereafter here in earth. Earth is in between of everything that is in hereafter and there is no likeness of bliss of paradise here on earth as there is  no equivalence of misery of hell here on earth. We are humans and our minds can cope with intelligence that has existing forms stored in our memory to translate and evaluate it for us. That is why in the descriptions of provisions of paradise Allah (swt) mentions names of fragrances and precious, pearls and  qualities like youth, beauty immortality etc. Because these are qualities and and things that are generally associated with the best that we see here in earth.

The kuffar's attempt to sully even these blessings Allah(swt) has promised to the believers are ludicrous and here are some examples.

“I am a bit concerned about the anatomical composition of those houris. I mean ambergris is, after all, a discharge from the digestive system of the sperm whale; musk is a substance that comes from a gland close to the anus of a male deer and camphor is used to embalm the dead”


In response to this firstly I have to say that I am not at all impressed by the kuffars assumed  clean and scientific outlook. These kuffars who despise so much what is symbolic to mean fragrant smell shall take a close look at the substance they excrete once or twice daily and take a hint from it. However clean or scientific we are, we cannot still escape the biological laws of Allah who created us in the first place. What Allah(swt) alludes is that that houri's are beautiful and fragrant creation He created in a special way. Now always appearing to be on the scientific side (as if they created science!) these kuffars shall tell me they would rather choose a  foul smelling dung-created  creature  for their earthly rewards. They shall have it no doubt  but not in paradise, but in fire.

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