Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The jaahils prevailed.

Today our so called people's majlis has passed another worthless piece of law by which they will stand to lose much in the sharia of Allah(swt) in the day of judgment. Unknowingly and unwittingly they are playing in to the hands of the shaithaan who amused them with worldly pomp and glitter of power and politics and they have thwarted the hopes of suffering Muslims between whose dua and Allah(azz wa jall) there is no barrier.

They have prevailed in preventing fellow Muslim brothers who are suffering in the hands of the kuffar in the notorious American jail at Guantanamo Bay. Those who did this have no honour to their name and in the sight of Allah and believers they could be much more worthless than the people of the book who are freeing them and allowing them to live in their lands. We the so called Islamic country of Maldives have appointed to offices of importance jaahils of first order who know not how deprived they are of themselves. May Allah destroy them and substitute for us better leaders in their place. Ameen

Even  though the common people might not know of their contempt of Islam, we the common people will also be questioned as to why we followed our leaders unwittingly. Islam is not a religion of ignorance. In Islam we follow not blindly but with knowledge. Now for all those who love and adore these kuffars who voted to persecute Muslims, there is this one message. On the day of resurrection, you will be resurrected with the ones you loved and followed.

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