Monday, May 24, 2010

In the time of Sahaaba

Life was simple. Basically that was what characterized the life of the best after the anbiyaa of Allah at their time.
  • The halaal was easier than the haraam, which is vice-versa now. For example it was easier to marry or to divorce than to do the same thing unlawfully. Now we have put so much red tape and bureaucracy around these issues, its virtually impossible for a man or a woman to come of age without falling in to a sin of this sort. Shaithaan has instilled this idea that a big deal out of these issues shall be made so that nobody enjoys what is their right by fithra  and the religion of Allah subuhaanahu wathaaalaa. So now it is either:
    • preposterious pre-mairtal agreements
    • pre-marriage counseling
    • blood testing and various other medical tests
    • extravagent waleemaas
    • consent of the wife to marry the second wife
    • reducing the age of consent to a numerical function despite it being a biological function
and basically anything that either delays or prevents marriage and puts forward some form of hindrance to the blessed union. This is despite his (shaithaan's) other works which already sent the people out of their aura and confused them in hijaab so that nobody can escape unintended sights .....  On the other side, shaithaan also made it sure that nobody gets out of wedlock unscathed. However incompatible the husband and wife are, shaithaan made sure that they will have to suffer their misery by some more crafts.
  • The concept of slavery was also very different from the one we understand currently. Slavery at that time was not specifically against one ethnic group or race but rather there were conditions in which a free person  can be enslaved. These are: 
    1. falling in debt
    2. being a prisoner of war
The European and American enslavement of black people is a completely different thing which is not what was happening in Arabia. In the seerah of the holy prophet and  the sahaaba, we come across sahaaba like Salmaan the persian, Billal, the abyssinian, Zaid bin Haarisa the Arab etc.. so it was not a master race enslaving the others. Islam treated them all equal regardless of colour.

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