Sunday, April 28, 2013

The problem with our friday sermons

Or Friday Khuthba’s have a big problem. In fact it has been problematic for quite some time now. And the problem seems to be in the message of the khuthba. The current format of the khuthba is over used so much that old timers most of the time are seen sleeping when the imam delivers the kuthba. They do so because of boredom. This is a very serious issue which needs to be addressed. It’s not that there is lack of content in Islamic literature to go on, to relate a beautiful piece of advice from history and sunnah. But rather it’s because of the poor quality of khuthba writing  which only means whoever is responsible for this task is clearly not up to job. In our current times, information is so much more readily available than in the past and people have so many questions they would need to ask. As such Friday kuthbas are the perfect opportunity to educate the masses about the beauty, justice and grandeur of Islam.


Our solution to this problem of the kuthba could be to open the kuthbas for public as a competition to compose. This could be very well implemented in educational facilities with a price to the best compositions and recognition of merit. This way people could be motivated to seek more knowledge to relate to others and dramatically improve the content of kuthbas.

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