Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dhivehi athiest extremists hangout.


Minivan News is the most successful online news outlets in the country and this is where most of the Dhivehi kuffar hangs out to band together and insult Islam.

The format is very predictable. Some writer writes about some issue and laces the story or the heading with the magic words “Islam, Adhaaalath, scholar, extremist” etc and the story automatically gets the attention of the kuffar.  Then the kuffar band together and start writing insulting comments to the bottom of the story. Although the story maybe about anything, its Islam, Adhaaalath party Shaheem and Imran  who receives most of the insults. Very predictable and uninspiring. The local kuffar seems forever locked in a track which makes them blind to anything but hatred of Islam. There are disbelievers everywhere who can be civil to people who can continue life without insulting the belief of others, but from the vocal minority we have here, it seems like that we have the brand of intolerant firebrand extremists here.


What has to happen is for fellow Muslim brothers and sisters to realize the size of the problem we are up against. We need to understand our enemies to see their weaker point. These are generally half-uneducated, frustrated, disillusioned people generally with no bearing in life ranting against god! Our politicians are using these materials to fill their ranks with and ultimately make these people leaders amongst us. But why shall we let this happen? Why shall we confine our virtues to mosque and be subservient to the laadheenee people? Why shall they care about politics and we shall care only about mosque? Are they also not slaves of god weather they believe it or not?


For this the traditional mantra will not work. We need objective hard hitting points to score debates with kuffar. We need to answer their questions with knowledge and relevant background info to make them realize that they are not in haqq. Most of the questions they pose are elementary anti Islam material googled from Ali Sina and the like. Nor is it good to throw them with quruanic  Ayaath and ahaadhees when they have firmly rejected them without second thoughts. Most of them have already made up their mind and taken enmity against Islam in ignorance. For these reasons we shall change tact, the traditional kind of dawa doesn’t work on them. We need to show them their illogical positions from their lifestyle and lack of belief. Most of these local kuffar keep  a fairly open update online version of them on internet and browsing through their digital life, one can only feel sorry for their hard love-less dry life. By comparison, Alhamdhulillah, we Muslims live with so much blessings and love they really will envy us if not their hearts are blind.



Below are some links in Minivan with prolific  kuffar comments to prove the point.





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