Thursday, March 11, 2010

What next? Ask israel to send rabbis to teach Quruan?

First they asked for Amina Wadood to lecture to Aminiyya school students on islam. Then they brought Proffessor Paul Robinson to translate our constitution. Now they are seeking help from Germans to interpret Islamic Sharia. One wonders what's gonna be next? Maybe ask Israel to send some rabbis to teach us holy Quruan?

For Anni the President these maybe just ways of cuddling up to EU for more funds in aids to the country but he aught to be sensitive the feelings of the country. It might be true that there maybe more Islamic scholars in Germany than in Maldives. But its equally true that Maldives is the envy of every 'real' Muslim scholar because this is one of the few countries in the world where the call to prayer resonates 5 times  in every island. For those of us who were born and bred here the azan may not be a moving or interesting call. But for those who live in countries which prohibit calling out azan aloud, the moment they hear azan in Male' they are moved to tears.

Our problem is not with existing laws of sharia, but the fact that we are not willing to abide by them.

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