Sunday, May 16, 2010

Let's welcome the Aseer's of Guantanmao Bay

Come whatever motive the president had for this decision to allow in 2 aseer's from the notorious American prison in Cuba, its a commendable action. However the opposition parties are playing politics with this issue like every other issue the government proposes and taking advantage of the ignorance of the public on matters like this. Here are some points to the story.

  1. The two men, one a palestinian and the other still of unknonw nationality has never been prosecuted or knonw to be involved in terrosit activity or violence. Infact they are quite like our own local prisoner Fauzee who was inprisoned in the same jail. They are all innocent and happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. However global media has played a role in smearing their name to convey guilt whenever the name of the prison and their incacertation are conjoined. The fact of the matter is they are innocent people who deserves freedom.
  2. The United States of America is not actually falling in debt because of expenses to house these men, but rather they have a problem of conscience as they want to be seen as the leaders of moral uprightness which is why they want to expel these prisoners. The American people has been poisoned by their media to reject their freedom to American soil which is why the US is trying to find other countries willing to take these prisoners in. However countries which has bad reputation of human records is not ideal places for  sending these prisoners because of the risk they be again released or their fate becoming unknown. The US does not want the countries who take back these prisoners either to release them or to harm them. Both actions will inflame the influential US media against the current administration.
  3. Frequent references are made to the hadhees of the holy prophet in which our beloved prophet mentions the similitude of muslims as the likeness of an organ in body which in solidarity with the whole body will keep it from sleep if one organ is hurt or cut. Now coming back to the issue at hand, are we worried about the personal worries of these prisoners? these are just normal people like everyone else who have been incarcerated at a foreign jail for years and yet when there is just an opportunity to get them released our shameless "politicians" are trying to defame their status and trying to block this good gesture. How can we call us muslims if we behave like this? Where is the sense of muslim charity? Is it even worse than christian charity? How come our hearts are meaner than them who are embracing these "eneiemies" with open hearts?
  4. Just as when the forces of evil are making a big fuss over a small good deed, our forces of good are mysteriously silent and lukewarm in their opposition to the "evil forces", one asks why? Is it not the case that evil flourishes when good men remain silent? Why then are not our scholars and aalims and aabids up in arms against DRP and Gaumee party for opposing this move? A lukewarm notice in the Adhaalath Party website says that its "ok" for prisoners to be released from Guantanamo Bay and be welcomed in Maldives. But is it OK only? Does it not go beyond a mere OK? Is it not binding on us to help Muslims one another wherever possible? Are we not supposed to be the ones Quruan mentions as they who despite their love for food feeds the miskeen, the yatheem and the aseer?
  5. The president Anni is accused by the opposition parties of recieving financial aid from the Americans for housing their two prisoners. But we ask, what's wrong with that? Americans  are certainly not unable to keep these prisoners for another 1000 years in their prisons. They can do so overwhelmingly. America despite its wayward policies is a rich country which is spoiled by the kuffar.
We ask Allah (azza wa jaal) to speed up the release of the muslims aseers of Guantanamao Bay and various other jails where they are inprisoned by kuffar and to guide islamic nations to piety and brotherhood and remove the enmity from their hearts.

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